Where does tobacco in europe com from?

Johnathan Cruickshank asked a question: Where does tobacco in europe com from?
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How much tobacco is grown in the European Union?

  • In the European Union, tobacco cultivation has steadily decreased since 1991 – when approximately 400,000 tonnes were grown in eight EU countries – to 140,000 tonnes in 2018 – when four new EU countries had joined the producing countries. In 2018, EU tobacco represented some 66,000 ha (half as much as in 2001) and 26,000 specialist producers.

What is the history of tobacco in Europe?

  • History of Tobacco in Europe. Jerez’s neighbors were so petrified of the smoke coming out of his mouth and nose that he was soon arrested by the Holy Inquisition and held in captivity for nearly 7 years. However, thanks to a lot of seafarers at the time, smoking became an entrenched habit in both Spain and Portugal before long.

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