What's the difference between smoking marijuana and smoking tobacco?

Flossie Pollich asked a question: What's the difference between smoking marijuana and smoking tobacco?
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  • Marijuana is also (usually) smoked, and so it seems natural to assume that the risks of smoking it would be equal to the risks of smoking tobacco. The marijuana smoke vs. tobacco smoke issue seems irrelevant because smoking in any form is bad.


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🚬 What is the difference between smoking marijuana and tobacco?

  • First of all, marijuana and tobacco are very different substances that have profoundly different effects on the body and mind. Secondly, the process of smoking a drug can still have similar effects on certain parts of the body, such as the lungs and circulatory system, regardless of the drug type.

🚬 Whats worse tobacco or marijuana?

I'll put it this way, tobacco kills more than 5,000,000 people each year and leaves many others with cancer and other diseases. Marijuana has never been reported to kill anyone and is used to treat cancer, reverse the effects of tobacco and treat many other diseases and conditions.

🚬 What's the difference between smoking marijuana and vaping?

  • Some people mix their marijuana with tobacco, so it’s a bit less potent (this is called a spliff). Some people use bongs or pipes to smoke. Sometimes people smoke more potent forms of marijuana than the flower, called concentrates. These include hash and kief. When people vape, they consume concentrated marijuana.

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Is smoking marijuana safer than tobacco?
  • Marijuana smoke contains as much as 50% to 75% more of some of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. One joint has been found to result in similar airflow obstruction as up to 5 tobacco cigarettes. Smoking marijuana is NOT safer than tobacco.
Is smoking marijuana more harmful then smoking tobacco?

no it would take about 8 ciggs to equal about one joint

What's the difference between smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco?
  • Your body absorbs nicotine from chewing tobacco a lot slower than with cigarette smoke. Still, the amount that ends up in your body is similar. Studies show that you actually absorb more nicotine from chewing tobacco than you would from smoking cigarettes at 4.5 milligrams (mg) compared to 1 mg. 3  Douglas Sacha / Getty Images
What is the difference in health issues between smoking and smoking tobacco?

Cigrattes,biddes and tambaco.

What is the difference between marijuana and cigarettes?

Marijuana comes from the Cannibis plant, Ciggaretts come from Tobacco

Can smoking tobacco and marijuana go together?
  • Tobacco and marijuana use can also go together. Blunts — marijuana in a cigar wrapper that includes tobacco leaves — have gained popularity. And studies have found more cigarette smokers have used pot, and the other way around, compared to nonsmokers.
How is smoking marijuana differenty from tobacco?

Marijuana Smoke

Beyond just what's in the smoke alone, marijuana is typically smoked differently than tobacco. Marijuana smokers tend to inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer than cigarette smokers, which leads to a greater exposure per breath to tar. Is smoking marijuana worse for your lungs than smoking tobacco?
  • At the same time, studies have shown crossover between marijuana and tobacco use. And while smoking cannabis may be less dangerous than tobacco to lung health, pot doesn't get an entirely clean slate.
Why is smoking marijuana more harmful then smoking then tobacco?

It isn't. In fact, smoking Marijuana helps rid the body of the toxins tobacco ckntains. These toxins may cause birth defects and death, and every time someone compares the two, I'll spit on a mosque.

Difference between active and passive smoking?

Active smoking is the direct inhalation of smoke by an intended smoker while passive smoking is second hand smoking. This is a situation where smoke is inhaled (from the environment) by non intended smokers. Active and passive smoking are both harmful to the body.

What is a major difference between smoking traditional tobacco and vaping?

The key difference between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that e-cigarettes don't contain tobacco. But, it isn't just the tobacco in cigarettes that causes cancer. Traditional cigarettes contain a laundry list of chemicals that are proven harmful, and e-cigarettes have some of these same chemicals.

What's the difference between hemp cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes?
  • As you would probably guess, these are just Hemp that has been rolled in cigarette papers. Of course, they are not to be confused with Marijuana cigarettes, which are illegal. The main difference (in fact, the only significant difference) comes from the fact that Hemp contains no THC.
What's the difference between marijuana vapes and nicotine vapes?
  • The Brief: Marijuana and nicotine vapes can look the same and even produce similar-smelling vapor. Here's a breakdown of the differences between them. As they are more portable and discreet, vapes have become increasingly popular tools for consuming nicotine and THC.
Does smoking marijuana have more tars than tobacco?
  • Those who deny the validity of "medical marijuana," cite that marijuana smoke contains four fold more tars than does tobacco smoke [18]. Nevertheless, smoking is often the preferred route of intake by medical cannabis users because rapid action allows self-titration [19]. Are the biological consequences of smoking cannabis and tobacco similar?
Is smoking marijuana a good substitute for tobacco?
  • It is also, however, a very awesome substitute for tobacco itself and is considered a truly powerful stimulant. Marijuana can sometimes be stimulating, especially a good Sativa strain, and thus, some people have compared smoking Tabaco Del Diablo to smoking cannabis.
Is there a crossover between marijuana and tobacco?
  • "They're different products, and they need to be treated differently," says Mason Tvert, a spokesman for the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project. At the same time, studies have shown crossover between marijuana and tobacco use.
What is safer between vaping tobacco and marijuana?
  • Although smoking cannabis is one of the most popular methods to use, it doesn’t come without risk. Alternatively, vaping cannabis flower is a much safer option when compared to smoking marijuana. Due to the significantly lower temperatures used by vaporizers, smoke isn’t produced.
What is the comparison between tobacco and marijuana?
  • Tobacco is physically addictive whereas marijuana is not. Why? Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance that causes heart disease. By contrast, marijuana smoke does not contain nicotine but does contain cannabinoids, like THC and CBD , which possess anti-cancer activity.
What is the same between tobacco and marijuana?

they are both drugs

What is the difference between smoking and passive smoking?

The difference between smoking and passive smoking is that passive smokers are the people upon whom the smoke is inflicted. It means passive smokers inhale smoke of the other active smokers.

What's the difference between smoking weed and smoking cigarettes?
  • However, you should know that these findings are true only until a certain level of cannabis use is not exceeded. One of the main differences between cigarettes and joints is the frequency of use. Tobacco smokers may have more than 20 cigarettes a day, while weed is smoked occasionally, for fun or for medical purposes.
What is the difference between e-cigs and vaping marijuana?
  • Vaporizing marijuana is not a new thing. E-cigs, on the other hand, are quite new, and it was only a matter of time before people started adapting them to vape marijuana.