What kind of smoke does latakia smoke like?

Tyreek Schamberger asked a question: What kind of smoke does latakia smoke like?
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  • It is initially sun- cured like other Turkish tobaccos and then further cured over controlled fires of aromatic woods and fragrant herbs, which gives it an intense smokey-peppery taste and smell.


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🚬 What kind of tobacco is latakia?

  • Latakia A fire-cured tobacco with a smoky aroma. Perique A strong louisiana tobacco with a distinctive character. Staghorn Toasted cavendish laced with mountain latakia, and then blended with white burley and golden virginia produces a sweet flavor and cool full-bodies smoke.

🚬 Can you smoke latakia pipe tobacco?

  • However, it isn’t one that is widely smoked or one most pipe smokers have even been lucky enough to try. This is due to the blend's extremely limited production. The Latakia-based blend’s status as a legend is due to the exceptional sweet and rich qualities of this particular tobacco mix.

🚬 What kind of smoke does a cigarette smoke?

  • CIGARETTE SMOKE mostly mainstream (MS) smoke, which is drawn through the burning tobacco column and filter tip and exits through the mouthpiece of the cigarette. Nonsmokers inhale mostly sidestream (SS) smoke, which is 59 Smoking and Tobacco Control Monograph No. 7

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How is latakia tobacco made?

Latakia is mainly grown in Cyprus and northern Syria. After the leaves are harvested and dried, they are hung in tightly closed barns and smoke-cured. Small smoldering fires of aromatic woods and herbs fill the barn with smoke, and cover the leaves with smoke particles.

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