What is in dunhill cigarettes?

Wilson Schmidt asked a question: What is in dunhill cigarettes?
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Dunhill cigarettes were favoured by gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. DUNHILL also markets a line of cigarillos in Malaysia. It is made of 100% tobacco inside out, whereby even the cigarette wrapper is made from tobacco using homogenized tobacco leaves.

  • Dunhill is a famous Premium Cigarettes Brand produced in Eastern Europe under the License and Control of British American Tobacco Company originated from United Kingdom. This High Quality Premium Cigarettes Brand is made from Excellent Virginia Tobacco which gives it a Pleasant Aroma.
  • The cigarettes is machine rolled with the blended mixed of high quality aged tobacco leaves as Dunhill standard quality, mixed with a fine quality of Indonesian clove and added with a special secret sauces. It used a Tasteloc features and Advanced Flow Filter.

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