What is a good cigar?

Ezekiel Gutmann asked a question: What is a good cigar?
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  • A good cigar is one that you enjoy. It is a matter of taste and sometimes even a matter of circumstance. There is no one cigar that is all things to all smokers. Some cigars are good for certain situations, some are good when paired with other particular food or drink.
  • A good cigar, a good meal, and a good woman - or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.” “A cigar is a sort of thing, not exactly a pleasure, but the crown and outward sign of pleasure.”

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So many! Try a Rocky Patel "Connecticut" or a Montecristo "White Label" Both are around 6-7 bucks (2014) and rather mild. If you are looking for the smaller cheaper, try Montecristo "Memories" Good little smoke. Has a good strong kick.

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