What cigarettes did john lennon smoke?

Dolores Green asked a question: What cigarettes did john lennon smoke?
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  • In his last years he smoke French brands Gauloises or Gitanes, a heavy unfiltered cigarette. John Lennon passes away because assassinated on December 8, 1980.


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  • Barrett appeared in the Star Trek universe for the last time in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. She again lent her voice to the ship’s computer, recording her part before her death in 2008. How Did Majel Barrett Die? On December 18, 2008, Barrett passed away from leukemia, Today reported.

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As the actress revealed on “The Late Show” Thursday, she got hooked on cigarettes while playing chain-smoking attorney Marcia Clark on “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.” “I don't smoke at all in life,” Paulson, 41, shared.

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  • News Photo - Getty Images Mr And Mrs Picasso circa 1935: Portrait of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973), smoking a cigarette with a filter, standing in front of his 1917 painting of his first wife Olga, (Russian ballet dancer Olga Kokhlova). Picasso is wearing a double-breasted gray flannel suit.

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  • John Wayne, the famous Hollywood actor of the 1950s, is shown at right in a 1950 magazine ad for Camel cigarettes. The Camel cigarette brand, introduced by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. in 1913, had become the top selling cigarette in the U.S. by the 1950s, thanks in part to the company’s heavy advertising.

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Kools are a brand of cigarette. They were favored by Dallas Winston. He stole two packs from a corner store before taking Ponyboy and Johnny to the nightly double.

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  • Many public intellectuals would smoke Gitanes, including Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Roland Barthes. In fact, these figures would make sure that they had a cigarette in hand in all their publicity shots.

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  • Big Break cigarettes are the brand featured in Mafia: Definitive Edition, replacing the LuckyBird brand from Mafia. They feature promotional Cigarette Cards of notorious gangsters that can be collected. The tobacco brand in Mafia is "Lucky Bird". Vito Scaletta smokes Big Break Blues.

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Zhongnanhai cigarettes used to be specially made cigarettes for Chairman Mao Zedong in late 1960s. Zhongnanhai was originally produced by Beijing Tobacco Corporation in an effort to develop a headlining product that was both commercially and socially successful.

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