What can you smoke if you do not have weed?

Sean Bahringer asked a question: What can you smoke if you do not have weed?
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🚬 Can you smoke weed buds?

That's the part of weed your supposed to smoke.

🚬 Does andy sixx smoke weed?

No, he doesn't. He is against is and even did a video on drugs when he was younger, he does smoke cigarettes though, he smokes alot too

🚬 Does leonard nimoy smoke weed?

No he does not he quit smoking about a year before the 4th star trek movie came out. But in the alternate original music video for bruno mars lazy song it "shows" him smoking weed.

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Smoke tobacco

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Will you get accused of smoking weed when your with your friends who smoke weed?

If you smell like weed, have red eyes, have slurred speech, or get caught with people smoking weed then you are in risk of being accused. Nobody can fairly accuse you of smoking weed based on the fact that your friends smoke. You can be accused of anything really, but unless theres proof, nobody should.

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What will happen if you smoke weed while wearing a nicotine patch?

Nothing. That's basically the same thing as smoking weed then smoking a cigarette afterwards except you're just absorbing pure nicotine instead of burning tobacco.

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Can you mess up your period when you smoke weed?

bluntly with out a explanation YES!!!!! i don't know why but i know it mess it up

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Can you use a smokers patch and still smoke weed?

Yes. It is no more dangerous than smoking cigarettes while high on weed (which is not dangerous at all).

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Do cigarettes have weed in them?


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Can you smoke weed a week after 4 wisdom teeth removal?


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Can your breath smell like weed if you don't smoke it?

Only if you eat it.

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Do cuban cigars have weed in them?


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How much will it cost to smoke a joint of weed a day?

depends on what stuff you use and how much. for 1gram joint of $5 a gram weed: $1825 a year for 1gram joint of $20 a gram weed: $7300 a year

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Do e cigarettes have smoke?

Although e-cigarettes do not give off smoke like tobacco cigarettes, they do expose people to secondhand aerosol or "vapor" that may contain harmful substances.

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Weed or cigarettes?

If I was forced to choose between the two. I'd choose weed. Because weed, has been medically proven to be healthier on your body than cigarettes. The only unhealthy thing about weed, is the smoke itself, not the marijuana, but just the smoke itself, which is the same from anything. But the smoke from weed, is less unhealthy then cigarette smoke. Plus, weed isn't physically addictive, as in I'm not gonna randomly feel like I need a joint or a bowl. unlike with cigarettes, if I don't have cigarettes, than I'm irritable and easily pissed off.To be honest, I wouldn't mind kicking the habit of cigarettes, but for now, I can afford it so it doesn't bother me too much.

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What is worse weed or cigars?

Both are harmful to your health, however tobacco has not been shown to change the brain the way marijuana does.

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What more dangers weed or tobacco?

tobacco, although weed can cause mental disease such as multiple personality disorder. I could sooner see weed causing paranoid schizophrenia than multiple personality disorder but that's just me.

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What kind of friends do people who smoke have?

To some extent smokers will tend to socialize with other smokers, but the social segregation of smokers from non-smokers is not that strict; in reality, smokers can have the same range of friends that non-smokers have.

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How much more carcinogenic hydrocarbons does marijuana smoke have than tobacco smoke?

40 % to 70 % more -------- Cal-OEHHA has listed the chemicals present in marijuana smoke. Marijuana smoke is on the Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, see http://oehha.ca.gov/Prop65/docs_state/mjcrnr061909.html

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What is more harmful cigarettes or weed?

cigarettes...as far as i know theres no rat poison grown in marijuana. yes marijuana gets you stoned...cigarettes give you a buzz until you build a tolerance to them and that's where the addiction comes in. Marijuana is grown. dried. trimmed. cured. and smoked. Theres no chemical process that puts additives into it like cigarettes. Cigarettes are disgusting.

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What is more harmful weed or tobacco?

Most experts will say tobacco.

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Does smoking weed have the same affects as smoking tobacco?

Not the same effects, but the effects of weed are worse than tobacco.

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Is smoking weed legal?

Ofcourse its not legal. If smoking weed was legal, then people wouldn't be hiding it from police and higher authorities. If it was legal you would be able to grow it in your backyard or buy it from the shops. However, weed is illegal and it can kill you. And weed will never be legal!

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What symptoms do you have if you inhale fire smoke?


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Do snuff or cigars have more smoke?

cigars of course! snuff is chew tobacco also known as smokeless tobacco it has no smoke! so of course i cigar would!! silly headdd

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