What brand cigarettes does sarah palmer smoke?

Zaria Grimes asked a question: What brand cigarettes does sarah palmer smoke?
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What kind of Shard did Sarah Palmer use?

  • Upon emerging from her SOEIV, LCpl Palmer fought off several Covenant forces, including several Unggoy and no less than two Jiralhanae, one of which was a Chieftain. During the brief firefight, she was hit by a Type-33 Needler shard, surviving thanks only to her armor.
  • His brand, I am pretty sure (did he quit, though, or just Gordon Cole?), and mine, for what it's worth. Interesting to think about, but I don't know how much to read into it. Sarah Palmer smokes Salems, apparently. I think it is more along the line of the way that the kind of cigarettes a person smokes tells you something about that person.

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