What are the methods of curing tobacco?

Rosendo Sipes asked a question: What are the methods of curing tobacco?
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  • AIR CURING :- It is carried out in a well-ventilated barn, where the tobacco is air-dried for six to eight weeks… FIRE CURING :- In this method, smoke from a low burning fire on the barn floor spreads and passes through the leaves… FLUE CURING :- In this method, tobacco is kept in an enclosed barn heated by hot air from flues… More items...
  • Tobacco curing is sometimes referred to as color curing because as the tobacco undergoes the process, the color of the leaf will invariably change because its chlorophyll content is being altered, gradually becoming more yellow to brown in color. The primary tobacco curing methods consist of air curing, sun curing, fire curing, and flue curing.

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Three methods of curing--flue-curing, fire-curing, and air-curing--are used.

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