What are some good ways to say no to risky behaviors like tobacco and alcohol use?

Easton Keebler asked a question: What are some good ways to say no to risky behaviors like tobacco and alcohol use?
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🚬 What are 3 ways alcohol or tobacco can affect your health?

They damage your liver, brain , and you will be doing less exercise.

🚬 What are some good tobacco pipes?

  • There are basically three types of tobacco pipes commonly used: COBCORN - A great beginner pipe; if you decide pipe smoking is not for you, you haven’t spent a lot of money. Actually made from corncob, it is easily cared for, very durable, and disposable.

🚬 What are some ways to prevent tobacco use in your society?

1.stop growing tobacco 2.close factory's down 3.stop selling tobacco 4.stop advertising it 5.raise the prices

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Just say that you quit doing that last week, and you are not interested in relapsing.

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What does tobacco look like?

See the Related Link below for pictures of tobacco.

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What does tobacco smell like?

it smell's like tobacco.

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What does tobacco taste like?

Tobacco tastes like burning leaves. It has a woody flavor, often intermingled with flavorings, such as menthol. It also has a bitter aftertaste to many. The flavor depends on the type of tobacco and the flavorings added.

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What drug classification is tobacco and alcohol?

Alcohol is a downer or a depressent and tobacco isn't a drug as it does nothing for you but if i had to class it as one i would class it as a downer

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What effect do alcohol and tobacco have?

Alcohol gets you drunk, dizzy, throwing up, etc... Tobacco a smoking habit.

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What is the alcohol tobacco firearm website?


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What are some ways one may use to quit smoking cigarettes?

If someone wants to stop smoking they can try hypnotherapy. If this does not work then an alternative would be nicotine patches or some people use the new e-cigarettes.

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What are some smokeless tobacco products?

a can of chew.(dip) there are different brands. though, i dont recommend using those either.

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What do tobacco plants smell like?

  • Many of the white varieties are wonderfully fragrant at night, emitting a sweet smell similar to jasmine. Flowering tobacco plants generally have medium-green leaves. In many species, these leaves can be quite large, especially in comparison to the flowers.

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What do tobacco pods taste like?

When heated with a metal wick, they form a white smoke-like substance that carries nicotine and flavor. Nicotine (5%) and benzoic acid (2.5%). Flavors (trace, but unknown): The desired taste. Can be tobacco-flavored to mimic a traditional cigarette, or mint or menthol flavored.

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What does chewing tobacco feel like?

What does chewing tobacco feel like?

  • Chewing tobacco causes many immediate symptoms. These include bad breath, gingivitis, staining of teeth, mouth sores (extremely common), cavities and mouth ulcers. Those who use tobacco can quickly say goodbye to beautiful smiles and the full use of their mouth.

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What does dried tobacco smell like?

  • Tobacco in perfumery smells sweet, intense, warm, and mysterious. It sometimes even has a spicy or floral nuance hidden as well. On top of that, sometimes, the note of tobacco gives off a dry, almost hay-like scent. Overall, tobacco is an extremely versatile and well-liked note.

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What does smoking tobacco feel like?

Smoking tobacco feels like dragging thick air into your lungs. Some people choke and other people enjoy this type of sensation.

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Which pipe tobacco what tastes like?

  • Latakia is a widely used tobacco and meets the favors of many pipe smoking enthusiasts. With a sweet and slightly cloying taste, it contributes to slowing down combustion also due to the massive presence of small wooden fragments (the leaves are not subjected to stripping).

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What kind of tobacco does bright tobacco taste like?

  • Virginia Tobacco, referred to as Bright tobacco by tobacco farmers. It is a light tobacco that has a high sugar content. As it ages the sugars come out and the tobacco sweetens, and you can detect a slight citrus or fruity taste to them. They are often described as having a bready or hay-like taste to them.

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What are the effects of tobacco and alcohol?

  • The Effects of Mixing Tobacco and Alcohol. Both tobacco and alcohol can be highly addictive and have long-ranging health consequences. The effects of mixing tobacco and alcohol can include a shortened life span, interpersonal problems, and respiratory problems.

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What is the difference between alcohol and tobacco?

  • Tobacco vs Alcohol - What's the difference? is that tobacco is (uncountable) any plant of the genus nicotiana while alcohol is . (uncountable) Any plant of the genus Nicotiana .

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What are some examples of tobacco products?

That would be anything made from tobacco - cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.

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What are some nicknames of chewing tobacco?

dip, snuff, chaw, rack, spits, grizz, tasties

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What are some slang words for tobacco?

snuff, dip, smokes, stogies, death sticks, cope, chew, chaw, cigs, there are a million of them

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What are some statistics from using tobacco?

1 in 5 people become smokers an average of 75% of people want to quit. only 5% succeed.

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What are some street names for tobacco?

smokes, cigs, or buts, chew, dip, spit, snus, or snuff

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Caffeine tobacco and alcohol are all?

They are all drugs.

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Does amazon sell alcohol or tobacco?

  • Alcoholic beverages are (mostly) off the menu on Amazon. Verifying that a buyer is of legal age (21) makes selling alcohol difficult, experts say. More than 35 states allow some form of direct shipping, although laws vary. Last year, Amazon began permitting the sale, to preapproved sellers, of more than a thousand wines.

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Why tobacco and alcohol are drugs?

Because it makes you like giving you memory lose.

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