What are all 200 poisons found in cigarettes?

Gaetano Fahey asked a question: What are all 200 poisons found in cigarettes?
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🚬 How many poisons are in cigarettes?

200 known poisons are in them

🚬 What the poisons in cigarettes can do to your body?

i dont know if im correct, the pioson in cigarettes can give you cancer,tumor, breathing less, etc,etc,etc,etc.

🚬 In what form is cigarettes found?

it is found from a plant

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there are way more than 200 my friend

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How many poisons are in tobacco?

In tobacco there are over 400 poisons

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How many chemicals are found in cigarettes?

i belive about 4,000

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What is the carcinogenic substance found in cigarettes and tobaccos?


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How many poisons are in a cigarette?

there are 200 known poisons i tobacco smoke

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Are there 4000 chemicals compounds found in cigarettes?

Yes, and more that are undiscovered

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The active ingredient found in clove cigarettes is?


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The dependency-producing substance found in cigarettes is?


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What is used for dead animals that is found in cigarettes?


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What are the three types of toxic substance found in cigarettes smoke?


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Who found out that cigarettes are bad for the body?

The first person to figure out that cigarettes are bad for you was the first person to introduce cigarettes. He eventually died of Lung Cancer. (Who the dumb guy is I don't know...sorry.) Share your comments in the discussion page.

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Are the same ingredients used to kill rats found in cigarettes?

Yes, It's true. Nicotine is also an ingredient in cigarettes (nicotine is what gets you hooked on them).

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What is found in tobacco?

Tobacco contains nicotine, the ingredient that can lead to addiction. People can smoke, chew, or sniff tobacco.

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What is the deadly gas found in burning cigarettes that also comes from car exhaust pipes?

carbon monoxide carbon monoxide

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What chemical is found in tobacco?

Tobacco contain nicotine, aldehydes, aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, etc.

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What is found in tobacco smoke?

secondhand smoke vaping

Some of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke include:

  • Nicotine (the addictive drug that produces the effects in the brain that people are looking for)
  • Hydrogen cyanide.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Lead.
  • Arsenic.
  • Ammonia.
  • Radioactive elements, such as polonium-210 (see below)
  • Benzene.

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Are the chemicals found in cigarettes related to the chemical imbalance causing manic depression?

Nicotine is a stimulant. The other chemicals are basically pollution, so they do make you feel pretty crappy. Cigarettes are also addictive. The feelings you get from smoking are not related to the chemicals which cause depression, but they do stimulate some of the same areas in the brain.

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What are 5 substances found in tobacco?

1.tar 2. niccotine 3. carbon monoxide i only no 3 sorry x

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What ingredients are found in dipping tobacco?

Powdered tobacco, flavoring, and added nicotine.

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What are black cigarettes?

Djarum Black is internationally recognized for its blend of the finest tobaccos and cloves in unique black wrapping. With 25 Mg Tar and 1.6 Mg Nicotine, give you the real Indonesian cigarettes… Djarum Black is a filtered kretek cigarette known for its spicy, bold taste and aroma.

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What are blonde cigarettes?

Also found in: Dictionary. A mild, flue-cured tobacco used in US cigarettes, which was once thought to carry a higher risk of cancer than so-called black tobacco, a hypothesis that was unproven in later studies. Brands Marlboro, Winston, and Virginia Slims.

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What are commercial cigarettes?

marbolo and camel

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What are ecstacy cigarettes?

Ecstacy herbal cigarettes are made strictly from herbal ingredients including damiana, wild lettuce, catnip, passion flower, leaf of lotus, corn silk, licorice root, and mint. Ecstacy also lists "love and light" among the cigarette's ingredients.

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What are herbal cigarettes?

A type of cigarette that contains a mixture of flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients. Herbal cigarettes do not contain tobacco or nicotine. When they are smoked, they make many of the same harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke, including tar and carbon monoxide.

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What are luxury cigarettes?

  • Sobranie Black Russians: $12.50.
  • Nat Shermans: $10.44…
  • Marlboro Vintage: $9.80…
  • Dunhill Cigarettes: $9.30…
  • Export A's: $9.00…
  • Salem: $8.84…
  • Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1: $8.30…
  • Natural American Spirits: $7.20. Natural American Spirits is a brand that's organic and uses no fillers…

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