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🚬 What are the harmful effects of smoking?

it can cause mouth cancer,breathing problems and lings cancer etc

🚬 What are two harmful effects from smoking?

Harmful effects from smoking include: Lung cancer Emphysema Smoker's cough Staining of teeth Lip cancer Nicotine addiction

🚬 What are the harmful effects of secondhand smoking?

The effects of secondhand smoking are the same as that of first hand smoking. You still face the same dangers such as tar build up in your lungs and cancer.

🚬 What are the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes?

  • Smoking can damage the immune system and make the smoker more susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia,tuberculosis,and influenza.
  • Crohn’s disease – it’s an inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract…
  • Smoking doubles your risk of rheumatoid arthritis – a chronic inflammation of the joints,especially the ones in hands and feet…

🚬 What are some of the harmful effects of smoking?

  • The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Use 1 Heart Disease and Stroke. Cigarette smoking is a major cause of heart disease and stroke and causes 1 in every 4 deaths from heart disease and stroke. 2 Lung Disease. Cigarette smoking can cause lung disease by damaging the airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) found in the lungs. 3 Diabetes…

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When was smoking declared harmful?

On this day in 1964, U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry issued a definitive report that linked smoking cigarettes with lung cancer.

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Is smoking pipe tobacco harmful?

People who inhale also increase their risk for cancers of the lung, pancreas, and bladder. Lung disease. Cigar and pipe smoking double the risk for the airway damage that leads to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung disease that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

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Is smoking water vapor harmful?

  • It can actually harm the lungs, a new study finds. Researchers tested the effects of nicotine on lung tissue growing in a lab dish. Those lung cells were exposed to nicotine alone, in cigarette smoke and in e-cigarette vapors. Follow-up tests exposed lab animals to these same substances.

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Is smoking harmful to wildlife?

  • Smoking isn’t just harmful to the smoker. With cigarette butt littering being a huge problem across the world, people are becoming increasingly aware of the negative and harmful effects this can have on wildlife.

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Is smoking pot as harmful as smoking cigarettes?

Whether smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, as cigarette smoking does, remains an open question. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogenic combustion products, including about 50% more benzoprene and 75% more benzanthracene (and more phenols, vinyl chlorides, nitrosamines, reactive oxygen species) than cigarette smoke.

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Is smoking marijuana as harmful as smoking cigarettes?

  • According to the American Lung Association, smoking marijuana can be just as harmful to the lungs as smoking cigarettes, if not more so. First of all, marijuana smokers tend to inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer, which results in longer exposure to tar, a toxin from the smoke.

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Is smoking marijuana more harmful then smoking tobacco?

no it would take about 8 ciggs to equal about one joint

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How smoking effects the brain?

it affects the brain because the nicotine the chemical that is in the smoke, goes to your brain

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Some effects of smoking tobacco?

The major effect of smoking tobacco, or any other use of it, is cancer. Tobacco use contributes to many cancers, notably lung cancer but including cancer of the gums, tongue, stomach, and bladder. As the number of smokers in the US has plunged over the years, so has the rate of people getting lung cancer. Once the number one killer cancer, lung cancer has now yielded that "honor." Smoking tobacco can also cause lung cancer in non-smokers and can provoke asthma outbreaks in non-smokers.

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Side effects of smoking cigars?

Very much the same as any other kind of tobacco use. Increased risk of certain cancers and heart problems.

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How smoking effects your fetus?

Smoking tobacco causes highers chance of miscarriage up to 3 months and also low birth weight.

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What are the harmful effects of tobacco smoke?

The effects are lung cancer, brain damage, and if you are doing the smoking, gum cancer. If you smoke a pack a day, in a year you will have a jar of tar in your lungs.

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What are the harmful effects of vapor pens?

  • The high concentration of this chemical in vape pens could prove to be more dangerous than smoking marijuana, but due to the lack of smell, you would not recognize them in your pen. Vaping these chemicals can lead to hallucinations and psychotic breaks.

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What are the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco?

  • The harmful health effects of using smokeless tobacco include: Oral (mouth) cancer. Pancreatic cancer. Addiction to nicotine. Sores in the mouth. Receding gums. Bone loss around the roots of the teeth. Abrasion (scratching and wearing down) of teeth.

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What are the harmful effects of chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco contains the drug nicotine, which is proven to be very addicting. Other side effects include minor nuisances like bad breath, yellow teeth, frequent salivation, but can also lead to more serious conditions like gum disease and mouth/throat cancer.

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What are the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes?

  • Electronic Cigarettes Can Harm The Lungs, Says Study. Electronic cigarettes, seen by many as a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking, can be harmful to the lungs, scientists from the University of Athens, Greece, explained at the European Respiratory Society's Annual Congress 2012, Vienna, on Sunday 9 June 2012.

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What are 4 harmful effects of e-cigarettes?

  • ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs.
  • flavorants such as diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease.
  • volatile organic compounds.
  • heavy metals, such as nickel, tin, and lead.

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Is smoking weed during pregnancy harmful?

  • What are the effects of smoking weed when pregnant? For the fetus, daily marijuana use during pregnancy may lead to "an increased risk of low birth weight, low resistance to infection, decreased oxygen levels and other negative fetal health outcomes ," according to recent study from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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Is shisha more harmful than smoking?

yes, the tobacco in shisha flavours is significantly stronger which is why it produces so much smoke, so as the tobacco is much stronger it is obviously more harmful than smoking normal cigarettes or weed

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Is smoking cigarettes harmful when breastfeeding?

  • Using tobacco or e-cigarettes while breastfeeding can allow harmful chemicals to pass from the mother to the infant through breast milk or secondhand smoke exposure.

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Is smoking more harmful than marijuana?

Any form of "smoking" is bad for your health, so No is one answer. You werent very specific but if your talking about cigarettes then yes they are more harmful than marijuana. One because there is no "nicotine" in marijuana and two because there are many harmful substances that are in cigarettes and no extra substances in marijuana.Correction:Marijuana is more dangerous than smoking. It contains more carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) than cigarette smoke.For more information about the many harmful effects of marijuana, see the related link below.

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How harmful is smoking with copd?

Yes, it is harmful if you are smoking with COPD. Smoking increased the damage being done to the lungs which make it harder for the person with COPD to breathe.

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Is smoking plain tobacco leaves harmful?

There's no proof they are healthier or safer than other cigarettes, nor is there good reason to think they would be. Smoke from all cigarettes, natural or otherwise, has many chemicals that can cause cancer (carcinogens) and toxins that come from burning the tobacco itself, including tar and carbon monoxide.

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Is tobacco smoking harmful for health?


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Which is more harmful cigar smoking or pipe smoking?

  • Although the risk of dying from tobacco-associated diseases is lower for pipe smokers than for cigarette smokers, pipe smoking is as harmful as, and perhaps more harmful than, cigar smoking. All tobacco products cause excessive morbidity and mortality.

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What are 10 effects of smoking?

  • Cancer…
  • Breathing problems and chronic respiratory conditions…
  • Heart disease, stroke and blood circulation problems…
  • Diabetes…
  • Infections…
  • Dental problems…
  • Hearing loss…
  • Vision loss.

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What are the effects of smoking?

  • The long-term effects of smoking are extensive. There are numerous diseases linked to smoking. Smoking can cause cancer of the mouth and throat and lung cancer, and can increase the risk for stomach (gastric) cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

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Does smoking have any positive effects?

Research conducted among smokers has shown that cigarette smoking (or nicotine administration) has several benefits, including modest improvements in vigilance and information processing, facilitation of some motor responses, and perhaps enhancement of memory131"133.

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What is smoking and its effects?

Smoking can cause emphysema, heart disease, and cancer.

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Medium term effects of smoking cigarettes?

you die........

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Does smoking cause effects hair loss?

  • Smoking also causes an imbalance in the protease/anti-protease systems of the follicles. Subsequently, the hair growth cycle will be affected adversely, leading to gradual hair loss. All these are pointers to the fact that smoking can cause hair loss.

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What are the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco?


  • Cancers of the Mouth and Throat…
  • Liver Cancer…
  • Cardiovascular Disease…
  • Mutual Craving…
  • A Common Brain System…
  • Tolerance and Cross-Tolerance…
  • Genetic Factors.

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Are there any harmful effects of menthol in cigarettes?

  • Natural products should be regarded to be potentially as dangerous as drugs. Menthol gives the sensation of reducing congestion, but it actually can worsen congestion. Menthol flavoring in cigarettes might be associated with a higher rate of addiction to smoking. Smoking of all types of cigarettes, including mentholated cigarettes, is unhealthy.

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What are the harmful effects of ''tar'' in cigarettes?

The Harmful Effects of Tar is that it can cause heart cancer,mouth cancer and lungs cancer.

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What are the harmful effects of the electronic cigarette?

  • Are Electronic Cigarette Dangerous? Diethylene Glycol. Electronic Cigarettes are found to contain an anti-freeze component known as Diethylene Glycol… Toxicity. Other than Diethylene Glycol, e-cigarettes also contain cancer-causing compounds like nitrosamines… Bad Marketing… Nicotine… Tetramethylpyrazine… Misuse… Cost-Effective…

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Why is smoking marijuana more harmful then smoking then tobacco?

It isn't. In fact, smoking Marijuana helps rid the body of the toxins tobacco ckntains. These toxins may cause birth defects and death, and every time someone compares the two, I'll spit on a mosque.

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How do the harmful effects of marijuana compare to the effects of smoked tobacco?

tobacco is evil and will kill you marijuana's only negative side effect is jail and negative corporate profits

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Is vaping as harmful as smoking cigarettes?

  • SINGAPORE - Users of electronic vaporisers often consider the activity safer than cigarette smoking and less harmful to others because it is smokeless. But the sweet scent of exhaled vape clouds masks potential health risks, said medical experts The Straits Times spoke to recently.

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Is smoking cannabis harmful to your lungs?

Yes, the inhalation of any type of smoke is harmful to the lungs.

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Is smoking one cigar a year harmful?

  • Smoking as little as one cigar a day increases the risk of cancer. Cigar smoking has been linked to several different cancers, most notably those of the oral cavity, which include lip, tongue, mouth, throat, and larynx.

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Is cigar smoking as harmful as cigarettes?

  • It is widely believed that cigars are less toxic and, thereby, less harmful to health than cigarettes. It is probably related to the fact that cigars smokers are not as likely to inhale smoke. However, cigars contain as many toxic substances as cigarettes.

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Is occasional cigar smoking really that harmful?

  • The more cigars you smoke and the deeper you inhale, the greater the risks. Although the health effects of occasional cigar smoking aren't as clear, the only safe level of cigar smoking is none at all . Instead of trying to choose between cigarette smoking and cigar smoking, try to quit tobacco entirely. There is no safe form of tobacco.

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Is smoking harmful for hepatitis b patients?

Smoking is harmful for everyone

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Is chewing tobacco less harmful than smoking?

No it is not

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Is smoking tobacco once a week harmful?

Smoking tobacco once a week is still harmful, even if it isn't as often as others may smoke. It will gradually cause tobacco related problems in your body.More importantly, it trains your brain to desire the stimulation of nicotine, and exposes you to a real risk of addiction. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin. Would you ask if using heroin once a week was harmful?

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Is vaping more harmful than smoking cigarettes?

1: Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking, but It's Still Not Safe. E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavorings and other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic.

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Is smoking one cigar a day harmful?

The short answer is ... Yes. As we are reminded in every tobacco conversation these days, there is no such thing as a safe tobacco... If you were to able kick a two pack a day cigarette habit by smoking one cigar a day, would you be better off? I would say yes.

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Is smoking hookah really harmful for us?

  • Hookah smoking can be as damaging, addictive, and dangerous as cigarettes, because the tobacco is no less toxic in a water-pipe. In fact, a habitual shisha smoker might breathe in much more poisonous fumes during an hour-long session than a typical cigarette smoker inhales in a few days.

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If you smoke cigarettes while on prozac is it potentially harmful outside of the effects of smoking itself?

no no There's certainly nothing conclusive to indicate that smoking while on Prozac will put you at extra risk of anything, but if you are concerned then it's still a good idea to try to give up. See a doctor for advice though.

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Is smoking one cannabis joint as harmful as smoking five cigarettes?

Not at all! Cannabis has many, many benefits. THC in marijuana can strengthen the mylen sheathes of your neurons, it cures asthma, it can increase your lung capacity. Cigarettes, though quite enjoyable, do not hold any benefits. Keep smoking weed, its good for you.

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