Smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal?

Janae Yundt asked a question: Smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal?
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🚬 Would smoking weed in a vaporizer help after wisdom teeth removal?

dont! it gave me dry socket! ouch!

🚬 When can you smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal?

No. You will get "dry sockets" wchich are very painful and require more dental work!

🚬 How long should you wait to smoke weed after wisdom teeth removal?


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You should not smoke weed or cigarettes after having your wisdom teeth removed. In addition, you shouldn't drink with a straw because the sucking in is not good for you after dental work.

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Is it safe to chew tobacco after wisdom teeth removal?

The sucking action of smoking a cigarette or pipe can dislodge a blood clot and cause a dry socket. It's recommended that smokers cut back significantly on smoking before and after oral surgery.

What happens if you chew tobacco after wisdom teeth removal?

It can greatly delay the healing process. Not only will smoking cause this, but other tobacco-related habits, like dipping or chewing, can increase the healing time, cause the area not to heal, or cause dry socket.

Can you chew tobacco after wisdom teeth?

Avoid spitting, drinking through a straw, smoking, or chewing tobacco. Avoid excessive physical activity. Avoid strenuous activity, as this will increase blood pressure and may cause more bleeding from the extraction site. Do not rinse vigorously, use straws, smoke or chew tobacco for seven (7) days after surgery.

Can you smoke cigarettes after wisdom teeth?

How long after my wisdom teeth are removed can I smoke?

  • A: Smoking after wisdom teeth extraction. Smoking in the first 5-7 days can significantly increase chances of infection or dry socket. Smoking after that up to 6-8 weeks can slow down the healing process with higher chances of infection. Smoking after 2.5 to 3 months, once the site has completely healed, is probably ok.
Safest way to smoke after wisdom teeth?

you shouldn't smoke directly after having wisdom tooth extraction...could dislodge an essential clot...If you must smoke, remember the gauze they put in your mouth over the extraction? LEAVE IT THERE, bite down and then have your smoke, your inhalation will not disrupt the clot because it is protected by the gauze that is snug to the extraction site. You need to use gauze each time you smoke, I would recommend making sure it is moist, fold it and keep it tight up in the spot. Worked for every extraction I have ever had. :))

When can you smoke after wisdom teeth?

The amount of time that you have to wait to begin smoking again after the removal of a wisdom tooth is about five days to a week. Smoking too soon after an extraction can lead to a very painful infection called dry socket. It is best to ask your dentist.

Is it ok to smoke weed five days after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

The chances are it will ease your pain! Go for it!

When can you chew tobacco after wisdom tooth removal?

You should wait at least a week or longer to give your gums time to heal.

Is smoking weed bad for teeth?

Smoking weed is known to be bad for one's teeth. Smoking an abundance of marijuana over an extended period can cause yellowing of the teeth and even worse, tooth decay.

How will smoking affect my extracted wisdom teeth?
  • Smoking tobacco or cannabis is not recommended right after wisdom teeth removal or any oral surgery as smoking anything right after oral surgery can hurt the healing process after a tooth extraction or getting your wisdom teeth pulled. The main reason for this is that smoking can limit blood flow to your gums, which will slow the healing.
Is there a way to smoke weed through the nose after wisdom teeth are pulled?

weed is not the best thing to be smoking, i could suggest that you try cigarettes or nicoretts, these will prolong your life. Hope i helped you !!

Will smoking after teeth whitening stain teeth?

Of course, whitening them will help some but it is still pointless. ANSWER Yes it does and it is more prone to stain because your teeth are fresh from whitening treatment. Another cause or may trigger stain in your teeth is drinking alcohol/coffee or bad eating habits.

Is it safe to smoke weed before getting wisdom teeth out?

what in the hell... ?

Can you have tobacco after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

NO. Tobacco retards the healing process. We don't know what you meant by "tobacco". But if you're talking about any type of tobacco that's inhaled, then no. Stay away from "it" for at least 5 days. I know --- you'll have a nicotine fit -- but do it --- or consult your oral surgeon.

Can you smoke after having wisdom teeth cut out?
  • However, smoking after wisdom teeth removal is definitely not a good idea - it can cause complications leading to infection and extended recovery time. In addition to the act of smoking which can interrupt the healing process, any use of tobacco products after oral surgery can delay healing and increase the risk of complications.
Can i smoke cigarettes after getting my wisdom teeth out?

If you must smoke after having your wisdom teeth removed, we highly advise you to wait for at least 72-hours. This will allow the socket to heal somewhat and diminish your chances of complications.

Can you smoke marijuana after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Now that would not be wise. Your not supposed to smoke anything for at least a week after getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.

How long until i can chew tobacco after wisdom teeth?

How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat Burger (and why)?

  • You can eat burger after 7 days of your wisdom tooth removal but you have to be careful about how you chew it. There are few things which you have to take care of when you have gone through surgery. The first and basic thing is what you eat. But you also have to take proper care of your oral hygiene.
Why shouldn't you smoke right after getting wisdom teeth removed?

It's just plane bad to smoke period.

Can you whiten teeth after smoking?

The Effects of Smoking

Over time, tobacco stains will permanently stain the teeth. These stains are different because they settle deep within the tooth enamel and penetrate into the outer layer of dentin. They can only be removed with professional teeth whitening. Smoking will also cause the gum line to recede.