Should tobacco marketing be illegal?

Benny Rogahn asked a question: Should tobacco marketing be illegal?
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  • Sales and marketing of tobacco products and ENDS to minors must remain illegal and relevant laws must be enforced. Educators have a responsibility to teach students about the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine use and to model good behavior. All schools should provide a tobacco- and nicotine-free learning environment.


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🚬 Is marketing tobacco illegal banned anywhere in the world?

If tobacco smoking were discovered tomorrow, it is unlikely that any responsible government anywhere in the world would allow tobacco to be manufactured, much less advertised, but legislators cannot now outlaw a product to which a quarter of the adult population is addicted, and no-one would seriously suggest that they should

🚬 Should smoking tobacco cigarettes be made an illegal in canada?

  • Cigarettes should not be banned in Canada. Everyone has seen the ancient government infomercial made in the early 2000’s aimed to steer children and teens away from taking cigarettes.

🚬 Should the production and sale of tobacco be made illegal?

  • One reason why production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal is because it can cause many serious health problems 1. Smoking raises blood pressure, which can cause hypertension (high blood pressure) – a risk factor for heart attack and stroke (Dr Carl J Brandt,2011) a) Failure of respiratory system to help blood circulation in body will increase the potential for heart attack b) Studies show that few people understand the specific health risks of tobacco use.

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Should we make cigarettes illegal?

  • There is no risk-free level of secondhand smoke, and even brief exposure can cause immediate harm. Studies have shown that smokefree laws that prohibit smoking in public places like bars and restaurants help improve the health of workers and the general population. What would happen if smoking was illegal?

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Why cigarettes should be illegal?

They shouldnt be. Americans have the right to smoke. If u want to take that right, u hate the constitution.

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Are tobacco seeds illegal in australia?

It is illegal to grow tobacco in Australia, with no licensed tobacco producers growing the crop since 2006.

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Is growing your own tobacco illegal?

Is it Legal to Grow Tobacco? For personal use, cultivating and consuming tobacco is not federally regulated and is therefore legal in most states… According to federal law, all businesses who sell tobacco, or any of its by-products, must pay taxes on their sale.

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Is it illegal to grow tobacco?


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Is selling tobacco on facebook illegal?

It is against Facebook policy to sell tobacco products. To report something that's been posted in a group, click the “Report Abuse” option from the menu in the top left of the post.

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Is smokeless tobacco illegal in israel?


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What is illegal about tobacco use?

There are ordinances against tobacco use by minors, and its sale to minors. These things are law, and have penalties associated with them. In many cities it is illegal to smoke in restaurants, schools, and/or in public. Many restaurants and pubs, known as smokeeasies, exist that allow smoking anyway despite these laws.

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Why isn't tobacco illegal like marijuana?

because it dose not change your mental state

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What are the restrictions on tobacco product marketing?

  • Fact Sheet 5: Tobacco Product Marketing Restrictions cont. to ban promotions of tobacco products at retail establishments (e.g., buy one, get one free, and discount coupons), but have been hampered by the language of the FCLAA.

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Is it illegal to mail tobacco products?

Is it legal to mail tobacco products?

  • Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco shipments are completely prohibited in both inbound and outbound International Mail. For more information, visit the Tobacco Restrictions page on

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Is tobacco illegal for people under 18?

Sales of tobacco to children under the age of 18 are illegal in all Australian states and territories.It is also illegal for a person over 18 to give a child under 18 cigarettes or tobacco products. It is not, however, illegal for a person under 18 to purchase cigarettes (only the shop owner is prosecuted), and there is no restriction on the possession and consumption of tobacco for those under 18. The smoking age varies among states and territories but 18 to purchase.

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Is tobacco illegal or legal in australia?

It is legal, However the Australian Government has implemented plain packaging, advertising about the risks of tobacco, and stores are no longer allowed to display cigarette packets. To purchase them, you must ask for the specific brand and packet you want.

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Why is cannabis illegal and tobacco legal?

Becuase cannabis is bad

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How are tobacco companies marketing against their own products?

  • In other words, tobacco companies are actually marketing against their own products, and doing so successfully. As the Center for Disease Control in the U.S. reports, from 2000 to 2011 tobacco usage among middle school students dropped from 14.9% to 7.1%; and the downward trend among high school students has been from 34.4% to 23.2%.

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Should you capitalize tobacco?

Unless it is the first word in a sentence, then you don't need to capitalize "tobacco."

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Is it illegal for minors to chew tobacco?

It is illegal in all 50 states of the US for a minor(under 18) to purchase any type of tobacco products,cigars,cigarettes,chew,snuff,dip. However, depending on state laws it may be legal for minors to posses tobacco.

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Is it illegal for minors to smoke tobacco?

It depends on the state. In all states it is illegal for minors to purchase tobacco, but in some states it is legal for minors to posses (and therefore smoke) tobacco.

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Is it illegal to buy pipe tobacco online?

While the online sale of cigarettes is generally prohibited, most states do permit the online sale of other tobacco products or cigars from a website… Most states requires a business to acquire a wholesaler and/or retailer license to even sell tobacco into their state.

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Is it illegal to have tobacco under 21?

cigar tobacco control

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 years to possess or purchase tobacco products. The exception is for those in active duty while 18 years old. Prior to 1991 the minimum age to purchase tobacco products was 16 years of age, then in 2000 was raised from 16 to 18 and yet again was raised from 18 to 21 in 2020.

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