Is smokeless tobacco the same as cigarettes?

Taylor Hilpert asked a question: Is smokeless tobacco the same as cigarettes?
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  • The longer you use tobacco, you will need to use more of it and become more dependent on it, according to Nicotine is present in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and is the substance that makes them so addictive. Smokeless tobacco contains 15 times more nicotine than cigarettes.
  • Smokeless tobacco is a spit tobacco which is inserted into the mouth via three forms: chew, plug, snuff. These forms of tobacco include similar ingredients of the cigarette, however, there are a plethora of other ingredients that can be found in this form of tobacco. Nicotine – the core of all tobacco products.

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Actually smokeless tobacco, such as chew and dip, are more addictive and harmful than cigarettes. Chew has fiberglass in it so that it cuts the gums in your mouth to allow the nicotine directly into you blood stream. It also is the leading cause of mouth cancer because it just sits in your mouth. Smokeless tobacco has just as many poisons in it as a cigarette. Smokeless tobacco is VERY unappealing. It is unattractive to see someone spit out the product.

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