Is it safe to smoke after a tooth extraction?

Jodie Reilly asked a question: Is it safe to smoke after a tooth extraction?
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  • "You should not smoke for about 14 days after for best results,". "Smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars or from a Hookah pipe will make you more susceptible to dry socket, which is a painful complication from tooth extractions,". "You could experience extreme throbbing and non stop pain in that area!".
  • Try nicotine patches
  • Wait at least 48 hours after extraction to begin smoking again
  • When you do begin smoking,make sure to inhale with minimal force
  • Don't chew nicotine gum or chewing tobacco as a replacement
  • Refrain from smoking as long as possible
  • Ask your dentist to stitch the extraction site
  • Place gauze over the extraction site

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