Is black and mild a good cigar?

Adriel Ondricka asked a question: Is black and mild a good cigar?
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Black & Mild Apple has all of the aromatic taste and appeal of a pipe without the extra hardware… For those with a sweet tooth, the Black & Mild Cream tipped cigars will soothe the craving without having to loosen a notch on your belt.

Not only does the room smell like a New England produce stand, the flavor lingers on the palate making for a most enjoyable, quick, 5 x 30 smoke. When accompanied with a glass of apple cider and an oatmeal cookie, you'll be in “Little Stogy Heaven”!

How many cigarettes equal a black and mild?

  • When one Black and Milds is smoked a day, there is a possibility of smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. Another difference that can be seen is that Black and Milds cost more than cigarettes.

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