How to light a cigar properly?

Mallie Yost asked a question: How to light a cigar properly?
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  • You are diligent about ‘toasting’ the cigar, not letting the flame touch the cigar itself, simply letting the heat set a ring of fire around the foot of the cigar. Once all that is done, you take a slow first puff. Then you look at the lit end to make sure you’ve got it going properly.
  • There’s a trick to lighting your cigar correctly, too. Toast it but don’t over-roast it. You can light your cigar with matches, a butane lighter, or cedar spills. Regardless of what kind of lighter you use, hold the flame an inch or two away from the foot of your cigar.
  • When you’re lighting up with matches, which usually requires two hands, hold the cigar gently in your mouth. You can steady your cigar with your teeth, but don’t bite down on it too hard or you will crack its wrapper leaf.
  • Cut the cigar about a half-inch or so behind the ash line on the foot (that’s the end you light, darling). DO NOT PUT THE CIGAR BACK IN YOUR HUMIDOR.
  • The ember should burn evenly while drawing, If it doesn’t, take the cigar out of your mouth and go ahead and touch up the end with the flame. You can also try to gently blow on the embers to create a smooth, completely rounded ash. Remember, it's better to avoid lighting a cigar with a flame from a source that will alter the essence of your cigar.

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