How tall is the tiger at tobacco dock?

Virginia Kuhic asked a question: How tall is the tiger at tobacco dock?
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  • At the north entrance of Tobacco Dock there now stands a 7-foot-tall (2.1 m) bronze sculpture of a boy standing in front of a tiger to commemorate the incident.. Plan drawing of London Docks in 1831. Tobacco Dock is the large building marked 'Tobacco Warehouse'.


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🚬 What station for tobacco dock?

Tobacco Dock is located at the junction of Wapping Lane and Pennington Street, E1. Nearest Overground station is Wapping - no more than 5 minute walk from the venue.

🚬 How to get to tobacco dock?

  1. Shadwell Station. 5 mins.
  2. canary wharf dlr. 15 mins.
  3. shoreditch overground. 2 stops.
  4. wapping rail Station. 6 mins.
  5. excel dlr. 20 mins.
  6. bank dlr. 1 stop.
  7. tower hill station. 15 mins.

🚬 Where in london is tobacco dock?

Tobacco Dock is located in the heart of East London's thriving enterprise zone, within striking distance of Central London and straightforward to reach by public transport, lying between Wapping (Overground) and Shadwell (Overground and DLR) stations, as well as plenty of nearby bus stops (routes 100 and D3).

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18-24 inches tall

How tall do nicotiana tobacco plants grow?
  • Flowering tobacco cultivars of Nicotiana alata are annuals that usually reach heights of between 12 to 24 inches. They have been bred to fill beds and borders. Nicotiana sylvestris is the tallest of the flowering tobacco garden cultivars. It reaches a height of 5 feet during a year.
How tall does a flowering tobacco plant get?
  • Nicotiana sylvestris is the most spectacular of the flowering tobaccos because it has the large bold leaves of the cultivated tobacco on plants that reach 5 feet tall. The masses of trumpet shaped tubular flowers are snow white in color, 3 inches long and borne in drooping panicles at the top of the plant.
How tall does a havana tobacco plant grow?
  • Also used as a chewing tobacco, Havana plants will produce good quantities of flavorful leaves, and are somewhat more tolerant of cooler temperatures than other tobaccos. The plants are somewhat shorter than other varieties, and typically will not grow taller than 5', reaching maturity around 65 days with ample sunlight.
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  • How to Care for Tobacco Plants. Tobacco plants (Nicotiana) come in many different species, most of which are used for making pipe and cigarette tobacco from the dried, cured leaves. Most tobacco plants grow to about 3 feet tall and wide, with white, aromatic flowers that bloom in summer.
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  • They prefer full sun but will grow well in partial shade. The leaves will be up to 2 ft long each at the lowest, widest part of the plant. A full-grown plant is 7 ft tall and self-supporting, so make sure you have enough space before you plant the seedlings.
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  • Also known as the night-flowering tobacco plant, N. noctiflora is a smaller variety, growing to just 2 feet tall. Some people regard as having the best nighttime scent of all the Nicotiana varieties. Long, thin stems rise from a basal rosette, producing an abundance of delicate, tubular white flower panicles from summer through to autumn.
How tall does a tobacco plant grow to be?
  • (The Latin genus name for tobacco, Nicotiana, was named for Jean Nicot.) The cultivated tobacco plant normally grows to one or two feet high. The five flower petals are contained within a Corolla and can be colored white, yellow, pink, or red.
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  • Worms were picked off and crushed underfoot. The tobacco plants, standing six to nine feet high, were mature and ready to harvest by late August or early September. Even if the planter had good weather and had avoided destruction by pests and diseases, his crop was still in danger.
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  • Nicotiana sylvestris is the tallest of the flowering tobacco garden cultivars. It reaches a height of 5 feet during a year. Nicotiana glauca is an evergreen perennial with a shrubby habit that eventually grows to the size of a small tree-up to 25 feet. It can grow up to 10 feet in one year.
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  • Growing Tobacco Plants Indoors Pluck out half the sprouts from the cell tray with tweezers. After 2 weeks, pick out any seedlings that are growing near the edge of a cell or have grown crooked and sideways. Transplant seedlings into pots when they are 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) tall.
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