How much does it cost to smoke cigarettes for 20 years?

Cristopher Turcotte asked a question: How much does it cost to smoke cigarettes for 20 years?
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  • In every state the cost to buy cigarettes for 20 years is over $38,000; that is enough money to buy a new car or in some states put a down payment on a house. None of these numbers take into account the medical costs of smoking cigarettes.


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🚬 How much does it cost to smoke cigarettes a day?

  • To put the cost of smoking in perspective, let’s look at another expensive habit. The BLS reports that money spent on drinking alcohol comes out to $558 per year, based on the average household. So, smoking one pack of cigarettes a day, using the average price, costs you four times what it costs to drink.

🚬 How much does it cost to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day?

  • We are not talking small amounts here – someone smoking a pack a day spends about $238 a week on cigarettes, which is over $12,400 each year. 27 Someone who is earning the median hourly wage (in New Zealand this is $25.50 in 2019), would have to work for over an hour just to earn enough to buy a packet of cigarettes.

🚬 How much does cigarettes cost now?

Depending where you buy them, between $4.00-$6.00 US.

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