How much arsenic is in one cigarette?

Emelia Cremin asked a question: How much arsenic is in one cigarette?
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  • The 32 nanograms of arsenic in cigarette smoke is as "natural" as the 100 micrograms (i.e. the 100,000 nanograms) you ingest every day in your normal diet. You're not being "poisoned" ... except as a poisoning of your mind and attitude through a fear campaign.
  • arsenic content of mainstream cigarette smoke is in the range 40–120 ng per cigarette. If consumption is 20 cigarettes per day, the daily intake from this source would amount to 0.8–2.4 µg

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On average, several hundred cigarettes contain the same amount of arsenic as a glass of drinking or bottled water or a portion of fresh vegetables. Arsenic occurs naturally and it enters the water table and is absorbed from the environment by ALL plants, not just the tobacco plant.

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