How does wiz khalifa smoke weed without getting caught?

Rene Von asked a question: How does wiz khalifa smoke weed without getting caught?
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🚬 Does andy sixx smoke weed?

No, he doesn't. He is against is and even did a video on drugs when he was younger, he does smoke cigarettes though, he smokes alot too

🚬 Does leonard nimoy smoke weed?

No he does not he quit smoking about a year before the 4th star trek movie came out. But in the alternate original music video for bruno mars lazy song it "shows" him smoking weed.

🚬 Can you smoke weed buds?

That's the part of weed your supposed to smoke.

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He has a medicinal merajuana card.

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Can you smoke weed out of a tobacco pipe?

Yes you can. When you buy a bong or pipe from the store or online, they are actually made for tobacco. Although nobody actually uses them for tobacco. So any pipe made for tobacco, weed or whatever, is just fine for weed.

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Do you swallow the weed when you smoke it?

That's impossible. You smoke the weed and it is destroyed. You are left with ashes.

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How do you get higher when you smoke weed?

Dont smoke weed or be square

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Can you smoke cigarettes after getting a tattoo?


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Can you mess up your period when you smoke weed?

bluntly with out a explanation YES!!!!! i don't know why but i know it mess it up

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Can you use a smokers patch and still smoke weed?

Yes. It is no more dangerous than smoking cigarettes while high on weed (which is not dangerous at all).

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What can you smoke if you do not have weed?

Smoke tobacco

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Can you smoke cloves without tobacco?

Clove cigarettes are not a safe smoking alternative. Any product that must be lit, burned, and inhaled is hazardous to delicate lung tissue and other organs. One that contains tobacco is even more hazardous. There is no such thing as a safe cigarette.

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Can you smoke grass without tobacco?

  • As mentioned earlier, when you smoke weed without tobacco, you get to enjoy a fully aromatic experience. In fact, there are higher chances of experiencing a couch lock. The smell and taste of any weed strain are the most impact aspects of the cannabis experience.

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Does smoking weed kill people?

Weed can kill people, because it is normally mixed with tobacco. the ratio doesnt matter as it still mixes together, therefore making the herbs and the tobacco travel through your lungs damaging it, also known as lung cancer, lung cancer leads to death.

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Can you smoke weed a week after 4 wisdom teeth removal?


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Can your breath smell like weed if you don't smoke it?

Only if you eat it.

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Is tobacco without pesticides ok to smoke?

Because all tobacco products contain the addictive chemical nicotine, no tobacco product can be considered safe. Using no tobacco products whatsoever is the best way to safeguard your health.

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Does cigarettes cause insanity like weed does?

Maybe there is weed in cigarettes!!

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How long after getting a tooth filled can you smoke?

The Negative Implications of Smoking on the Healing after a Tooth Extraction. The act of smoking actually can introduce several problems to your new blood clot. Your first set of instructions is to wait at least 24 hours before inhaling a cigarette.

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How many years can you chew tobacco without getting cancer?

I think you can chew tobacco for around 3-4 years or somewhere around there before getting cancer....

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Why does smoking weed cause coughing?

  • Heat is one of the major cause of coughing after taking a hit. When you smoke cannabis, the material will combust as a result of the intense heat that activates THC in your buds, the cannabinoid that is responsible for making you high on weed.

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What will happen if you smoke weed while wearing a nicotine patch?

Nothing. That's basically the same thing as smoking weed then smoking a cigarette afterwards except you're just absorbing pure nicotine instead of burning tobacco.

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Can you smoke e cigarettes after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

i jst had mine out yesterday and today about 24 hours later i started sucking on a e cig still waiting too see what will happen

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Can you get second hand smoke without being in the presence of smoke?

No. You must be in the presence of smoke to get second hand smoke.

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How much will it cost to smoke a joint of weed a day?

depends on what stuff you use and how much. for 1gram joint of $5 a gram weed: $1825 a year for 1gram joint of $20 a gram weed: $7300 a year

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Does smoking weed kill your singing voice?

Smoking ANYTHING is bad for your voice. Weed included.

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Weed or cigarettes?

If I was forced to choose between the two. I'd choose weed. Because weed, has been medically proven to be healthier on your body than cigarettes. The only unhealthy thing about weed, is the smoke itself, not the marijuana, but just the smoke itself, which is the same from anything. But the smoke from weed, is less unhealthy then cigarette smoke. Plus, weed isn't physically addictive, as in I'm not gonna randomly feel like I need a joint or a bowl. unlike with cigarettes, if I don't have cigarettes, than I'm irritable and easily pissed off.To be honest, I wouldn't mind kicking the habit of cigarettes, but for now, I can afford it so it doesn't bother me too much.

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How can i vape without setting off smoke alarm?

You would have to keep the vapers away from the detectors. The smoke detectors don't know it's not smoke, they are set off by the particles. They don't know if it's smoke, dust or steam so the only way to keep it from going into alarm is to keep the vape away.

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