How do you get your girlfriend to understand me smoking weed?

Jennie O'Kon asked a question: How do you get your girlfriend to understand me smoking weed?
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🚬 Does smoking weed affect your period?

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

🚬 Does smoking weed harm your lungs?

Yes, smoking weed does harm your lungs. It's not as bad as cigarettes, but since you are inhaling a hot substance, it can harm your lungs over time.

🚬 Does smoking weed stunt your growth?

  • Smoking Pot Leads To Early Puberty, Stunted Growth In Teenage Boys. Marijuana use among teen boys leads to stunted growth via the decrease of growth hormone levels. The legalization of the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and over allows for people to possess the drug in some U.S. states.

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It is quite reasonable of her to not appreciate you smoking weed. If you are not prepared to stop something like that for her, you are better off not being together.

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Would smoking weed make your lungs black?

Yes. Pot is probably as bad for your lungs as tobacco is. It seems that marijuana smoke is less noxious than tobacco smoke. For example, if you smoke marijuana in your living room, the whole room will smell of it. But if you smoke a few cigarettes, the marijuana smell will disappear, and you will only be able to smell the cigarette smoke. Marijuana smoke doesn't linger on your clothes and furniture anywhere near as much as tobacco smoke does. But it would be safe to assume that marijuana smoke is as unhealthy for your lungs as tobacco smoke is.

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Can you persuade your girlfriend to stop smoking?

  • She will take a look at it as, it can't be that terrible or else you would have stopped at this point. In any case, however it is difficult for somebody who's been smoking for a considerable length of time to stop, you should persuade her not to smoke since it is noticeably dependent as you should know and difficult to stop once you begin.

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Does smoking cigarettes toughen up your lungs for smoking weed?

The lungs do adapt to taking in smoke, but this is only a suppression of the cough-reflex, not a "toughening up". Both will damage your lungs by filling them with ash, tar and other highly toxic chemicals.

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Can smoking weed while ovulating harm your baby?

No it can not hurt the baby while ovulalting. You should stop after the first trimester .

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How to help your teenager stop smoking weed?

  • How To Stop Your Child From Using Pot Get some assistance. You may be feeling all sorts of things when you discover that your teen has been smoking weed… Have a sit down with your teen. You may be dreading it, but it must be done… Voice your concerns… Think of ways to move forward… Conclusion…

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What can smoking weed do to your body?

It will fry your brain!

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What happens to your lungs after smoking weed?

  • Smoking weed is bad for your lungs. There’s a reason people cough after inhaling marijuana smoke. It irritates the throat and lungs, causing inflammation and damage. Over time, repeated irritation can cause long-term harm to the lungs.

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Is smoking better then smoking weed?

smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes. It's much healthier for you!

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Is smoking grass like smoking weed?

Since grass and weed are both synonyms for marijuana, the answer would be yes.However, the cannabis plant is technically neither a grass nor a weed; it is an herb.-But smoking grass would not get you high.

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Is smoking weed adddictive?

there's no addictive substances in weed, but it can feel like you are addictive because you crave it so much.

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Is smoking weed legal?

Ofcourse its not legal. If smoking weed was legal, then people wouldn't be hiding it from police and higher authorities. If it was legal you would be able to grow it in your backyard or buy it from the shops. However, weed is illegal and it can kill you. And weed will never be legal!

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Will you get accused of smoking weed when your with your friends who smoke weed?

If you smell like weed, have red eyes, have slurred speech, or get caught with people smoking weed then you are in risk of being accused. Nobody can fairly accuse you of smoking weed based on the fact that your friends smoke. You can be accused of anything really, but unless theres proof, nobody should.

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Is smoking weed the same as drinking weed?

nooo def. not the same!

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Does smoking weed shrink the size of your penis?

That's a negative. The theory you're talking about is that smoking weed stunts growth which will in turn make you short which will in turn make you're penis smaller.

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Does smoking weed stop your chances for getting pregnant?

please dont start smoking weed it is illeal and dont be one of those and no it will not stop pregnancy

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Is smoking weed while breastfeeding dangerous for your baby?

  • There have been numerous studies conducted that report smoking weed will affect breast milk and it can have potential side effects on your baby (1). Marijuana is a fat-loving drug - meaning it's attracted to and stored in your fat cells for a long time (unlike other water-loving drugs that are eliminated more readily in your urine).

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Is smoking serenity worse than smoking weed?


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Is smoking weed bad as smoking cigarettes?

Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is an irritant to the throat and lungs and can cause a heavy cough during use. It also contains levels of volatile chemicals and tar that are similar to tobacco smoke, raising concerns about risk for cancer and lung disease.

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Is smoking weed harder than smoking cigarettes?

Marijuana smokers tend to inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer than cigarette smokers, which leads to a greater exposure per breath to tar. Secondhand marijuana smoke contains many of the same toxins and carcinogens found in directly-inhaled marijuana smoke, in similar amounts if not more.

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Is smoking weed healthier than smoking cigarettes?

Both are deleterious to good health. Both can damage you lungs, skin, heart, and other important systems. Marijuana causes more immediate effects that are likely to cause accidents and tobacco causes more long-term effects. Neither should be thought of as healthy.

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Can smoking weed cause depression?

  • The good news is that smoking weed doesn’t cause depression unless you’re already genetically predisposed to depression. The bad news is that 2/3 of the population is genetically predisposed to depression.

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Can smoking weed cause schizophrenia?


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Can smoking weed harm baby?

We know that if a pregnant woman smokes tobacco there is a harmful effect on the development of the baby, since nicotine constricts blood vessels and blood flow is reduced, and carbon monoxide in the smoke also reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. With marijuana, the canabinoids are not as dangerous as nicotine would be, however, you still have carbon monoxide in the smoke. I would advise against it.

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Does smoking weed cause heartburn?

  • The Bottom Line. Pot smokers who often suffer from heartburn, and especially those who have noticed that they often experience acid reflux while smoking pot or immediately after, should definitely listen to their gut — despite a lack of scientific research directly indicating that marijuana causes heartburn.

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Does smoking weed cause insomnia?

  • This makes sleeping difficult, which in turn makes insomnia more likely. Another big problem is that the THC in weed interferes with normal sleep patterns, causing users to actually get too relaxed while sleeping. No wonder so many people make strong associations between smoking weed...

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