From where did india introduce cultivation of tobacco tapioca pineapple?

Milton Dicki asked a question: From where did india introduce cultivation of tobacco tapioca pineapple?
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Pacific Islands

India introduced cultivation of Tobacco, tapioca,pineapple from Pacific Islands.

The Portuguese introduced in India a number of new crops like cashew nuts, tobacco, tapioca, pineapple, papaya and many others.


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🚬 Who introduced tobacco cultivation in india?


The Portuguese perhaps introduced tobacco into India in the 16th or in the 17th century.

🚬 Where was tobacco cultivation most important?

Southern states. It needs hot, humid climate to grow.

🚬 When did tobacco cultivation start in india?

Tobacco cultivation in India was introduced by Portuguese in 1605. Initially tobacco was grown in Kaira and Mehsana districts of Gujarat and later spread to other areas of the country.

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How did the cultivation of tobacco affect american history?
  • Tobacco's impact on early American history. The cultivation of tobacco in America led to many changes. During the 1700s tobacco was a very lucrative crop due to its high demand in Europe. The climate of the Chesapeake area in America lent itself very nicely to the cultivation of tobacco.
How often does the cultivation of tobacco take place?
  • The cultivation of tobacco usually takes place annually. The tobacco is germinated in cold frames or hotbeds and then transplanted to the field until it matures.
The cultivation of tobacco in jamestown was perfected by?

John Rolfe

What effect did tobacco cultivation have on virginia's development?

the cultivation of tobacco helped virginia to developed financially,it also helped virginia to trade with other country until the revolution of sugar had taken place.when the revolution of sugar came about it affected the tobacco cropping,other country were in great it demand for especially when the green tea came about.

Did maryland become a center for the cultivation of tobacco?


How did the development of tobacco cultivation transform the chesapeake?

The unique environment of the Chesapeake region had a profound impact on the Europeans who settled there in the 1600s and 1700s… The growth of tobacco as the primary cash crop in the region affected the labor market, as well, as the system of indentured servitude was supplanted by that of enslaved African labor.

What were the advantages of tobacco cultivation in the colonies?
  • Tobacco: Colonial Cultivation Methods. Another advantage of cultivating tobacco was, although the crop was labor intensive, the labor need not be skilled. Unlike glassblowing or flax and silk cultivation, the tasks associated with tobacco were simple and could be quickly mastered by children or adults.
When did the spanish introduce tobacco to europe?
  • The Spanish introduced tobacco to Europeans in about 1528, and by 1533, Diego Columbus mentioned a tobacco merchant of Lisbon in his will, showing how quickly the traffic had sprung up. Jean Nicot, French ambassador in Lisbon, sent samples to Paris in 1559.
Who was the first person to introduce tobacco?
  • The general English population was most likely first introduced to tobacco by Sir John Hawkins, who displayed it with the riches he accrued from a voyage to Florida in 1565. Probably the most famous Englishman associated with the introduction of tobacco is Sir Walter Ralegh.
Will parents introduce tobacco consumption to the tobacco-free generation's children?
  • The concern is sometimes expressed that parents, older siblings or older friends will introduce tobacco consumption to the tobacco-free generation's children. However, there are two grounds for reassurance. First, smoking initiation predominantly occurs in the company of same-age peers. 23
To what extent were scots-irish immigrants involved in tobacco cultivation?

not at all

What year did john rolfe introduce tobacco to jamestown?

may 13 1607

Where did tobacco came from?

Tobacco grows wild in the Western Hemisphere, especially in North America.

Where did tobacco originate from?

There was never a specific spot, but mostly in the Southern portion of the US. It's been known of since the Native Americans have been here.

Where does tobacco come from?
  • Tobacco ( Nicotiana rustica) flower, leaves, and buds. Many species of tobacco are in the genus of herbs Nicotiana. It is part of the nightshade family (Solanaceae) indigenous to North and South America, Australia, south west Africa, and the South Pacific.
Where does tobacco comes from?

Tobacco is made from the leaves of tobacco plants.

Where does tobacco originate from?
  • Nicotiana rustica as the Nicotiana tabacum are native to America and the human being knows it since 18000 years. Some experts in plant genetics determined the place of Tobacco origin. The place where it was cultivated for the first time is located in the Andean zone, between Peru and Ecuador.
Where is copenhagen tobacco from?

1822: George Weyman begins producing Copenhagen Snuff in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1922: After a series of acquisitions and breakups, the company is renamed United States Tobacco Company. 1934: United States Tobacco Company introduces Skoal Wintergreen — the first of its kind for the company.

Where is flandria tobacco from?

Flandria is a third-generation family business and artisanal producer of rolling tobacco and tobacco accessories. In addition to its home markets in Belgium and Luxembourg, the company's brands are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Where is tobacco from originally?
  • Plants from the Nicotiana family originated from both North and South America, Australia, Africa and the South Pacific. However, the tobacco that is most commonly grown as a cash crop today originated in the Americas where it had long been cultivated and used by the native people.
Where is tobacco originated from?

god In North America,on the eastern regions.

What happened as a result of the cultivation of tobacco in virginia?

The cultivation of tobacco increased as the market demand for this new product sky rocketed in Europe. The other result was that new plantations were created at the expense of Native American owned land.