Does smoking weed kill your singing voice?

Larissa Bartell asked a question: Does smoking weed kill your singing voice?
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🚬 Does smoking weed kill people?

Weed can kill people, because it is normally mixed with tobacco. the ratio doesnt matter as it still mixes together, therefore making the herbs and the tobacco travel through your lungs damaging it, also known as lung cancer, lung cancer leads to death.

🚬 Can smoking weed kill your brain cells?

No. Cannabis doesn't kill brain cells it is a myth.

🚬 How many brain cells does smoking weed kill?

It doesn't kill brain cells.

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Smoking ANYTHING is bad for your voice. Weed included.

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How does smoking weed damage your lungs?

  • Smoking marijuana on a regular basis damages your lungs in ways that are both visible and invisible to the human eye. Mainly, this damage is done to the large airways that carry the smoke from your mouth to your lungs. And, this damage leads to increased coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

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Does smoking cigarettes kill your appetite?

Smoking can suppress your appetite. You may find that food tastes better after you stop smoking and you also crave sugary foods. It's possible to mistake nicotine cravings for feeling hungry, or to eat to distract yourself from them.

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Does smoking cigarettes toughen up your lungs for smoking weed?

The lungs do adapt to taking in smoke, but this is only a suppression of the cough-reflex, not a "toughening up". Both will damage your lungs by filling them with ash, tar and other highly toxic chemicals.

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Does smoking kill?

Yes, Its slowly kills and shrivels your lungs. Did you know the adverage 20/day smoker in takes a large nutella jar of tar every year!

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How does smoking affect your voice-health beat?

  • Frequent damage to the vocal cords can result in changes in the way your voice works and sounds. In some instances, damages may lead to the loss of your voice or chronic laryngitis. Smoking also leads to more serious illnesses such as cancer which can develop on your larynx or voice box.

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What happens to your singing voice when you smoke?

  • This also contributes the raspy quality heavily smoke-damaged voices get. The problems are even bigger for smoking and your singing voice when it comes to swelling, though.

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Does smoking weed cause heartburn?

  • The Bottom Line. Pot smokers who often suffer from heartburn, and especially those who have noticed that they often experience acid reflux while smoking pot or immediately after, should definitely listen to their gut — despite a lack of scientific research directly indicating that marijuana causes heartburn.

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Does smoking weed cause insomnia?

  • This makes sleeping difficult, which in turn makes insomnia more likely. Another big problem is that the THC in weed interferes with normal sleep patterns, causing users to actually get too relaxed while sleeping. No wonder so many people make strong associations between smoking weed...

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Does smoking weed cause migraines?

no.. it's get rid of them dumdum.. :)

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Does smoking weed shrink the size of your penis?

That's a negative. The theory you're talking about is that smoking weed stunts growth which will in turn make you short which will in turn make you're penis smaller.

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Does smoking weed stop your chances for getting pregnant?

please dont start smoking weed it is illeal and dont be one of those and no it will not stop pregnancy

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Can smoking make your voice sound deeper?

Yes it can. the reason why is because you can get lung cancer. your voice will sound deeper

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Can smoking weed mess up your liver?

  • Though cigarette smoke does not directly come into contact with the liver, it does indirectly affect the liver. The chemicals in cigarette smoke eventually make their way to the liver. These chemicals cause oxidative stress on the liver, which leads to damage to the liver cells and fibrosis.

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Is smoking weed bad for your lumgs?

Inhaling smoke from anything is bad for your lungs and kills brain cells, whether it be from cigarettes, marijuana, or your bbq grill.

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Would smoking weed make your lungs black?

Yes. Pot is probably as bad for your lungs as tobacco is. It seems that marijuana smoke is less noxious than tobacco smoke. For example, if you smoke marijuana in your living room, the whole room will smell of it. But if you smoke a few cigarettes, the marijuana smell will disappear, and you will only be able to smell the cigarette smoke. Marijuana smoke doesn't linger on your clothes and furniture anywhere near as much as tobacco smoke does. But it would be safe to assume that marijuana smoke is as unhealthy for your lungs as tobacco smoke is.

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Why does smoking make your voice deeper when you smoke?

  • Why does smoking make your voice deeper? Smoke from tobacco products, such as cigarettes and cigars, has hundreds of chemicals in it. Dr. Hrelec says those chemicals can irritate your vocal cords. “Every time you inhale smoke, the smoke is going right past the vocal cords to get to your lungs.

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Does smoking weed cause bad skin?


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Does smoking weed cause colon cancer?

Well just put it into perspective marijuana is healthier than alcohol and cigarettes and has no proven study that it causes anything

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Does smoking weed cause lung cancer?

No smoking weed does not cause lung cancer.There was also a study where they had 3 types of people one type that where tobacco smokers another type who smoked weed and another who dint smoke at all and after a period of time the people who smoked weed showed no sign of effects to there lungs in fact there lungs were healthier than the ones who dint smoke at all

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Does smoking weed hurt the lungs?

Yes, it can give you lung cancer just like cigarettes can. Also, every once and a while you will get a nice strong hit that makes you cough alot. That hurts.

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Does smoking weed make you slim?


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Does smoking weed make you tired?

Indica strains of marijuana make you feel sleepy. Sativa's make you more awake.

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Does smoking weed make you younger?

No, I think all smoking ages you faster, cigarettes and marijuana. Sources: Experience

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Why does smoking weed cause coughing?

  • Heat is one of the major cause of coughing after taking a hit. When you smoke cannabis, the material will combust as a result of the intense heat that activates THC in your buds, the cannabinoid that is responsible for making you high on weed.

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