Does lee smoke?

Bette Mayer asked a question: Does lee smoke?
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🚬 Does chad kroeger smoke?

He smokes marijuana, but I don't know about cigarettes.

🚬 Does cher smoke cigarettes?

  • She doesn't smoke or drink. In addition to her vegetarian diet, Cher knows the importance of being healthy, and so, she'll rarely drink and never does drugs. "Being healthy has always been part of my life. It just works for me," she told Closer in 2013.

🚬 Does dolly parton smoke?


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yes he smokes 99 cigarettes a day!! :L yes he smokes 99 cigarettes a day!! :L

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Does naomi watts smoke?


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Does robin mead smoke?

Yes. She got caught with a pack of cigarettes on her desk during a live broadcast. Look it up on YouTube.

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Does ryan dunn smoke?

He did smoke cigarettes.

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Does sandra bullock smoke?

Yes, she currently does smoke. Unlike many smokers though she did not smoke in her youth. She started later in life.

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Does shakira smoke cigarettes?

  • Does Shakira smoke? Yes, on occasion Caught Smoking: These Are The 60 Most Shocking Celebrity Smokers

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Does steve coogan smoke?

He smokes 15 cigarettes per day and is wanting to quit.

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Does zidane smoke cigarettes?

No. He does not smoke.

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Does secondhand smoke is another name for sidestream smoke?

yes it is.

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Does abigail spencer smoke cigarettes?

yes, she does it irl

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Does amir khan smoke cigarettes?

In the past he used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day; but last 2 years he has quite smoking.

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Does andy sixx smoke weed?

No, he doesn't. He is against is and even did a video on drugs when he was younger, he does smoke cigarettes though, he smokes alot too

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Does brad paisley smoke cigarettes?

no,brad paisley does not smoke cigerettes but he does smoke cigar (i love brad but not as much as i used to because a cigar = 10 cigerettes :( )

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Does charissa thompson smoke cigarettes?

Ok so your answer was? Does charissa Thompson smoke cigarettes? And i pick no she does not i have seen her i life and i asked the some question and she said no seh did not

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Does cigarette smoke linger outside?

Unlike indoor tobacco smoke, which can persist for hours, the researchers found that outdoor smoke disappears rapidly when a cigarette is extinguished. "Our data also show that if you move about six feet away from an outdoor smoker, your exposure levels are much lower," Klepeis added.

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Does cigarette smoke penetrate drywall?

Nicotine from heavy smoking can penetrate through the paint and settle into the pores of drywall, leaving what seem permanent stains and odors, which can only be alleviated by repainting.

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Does criss angel smoke cigarettes?

NO HIS DAD died of cancer

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Does daffy duck smoke cigarettes?

Yes, he smokes two quacks a day.

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Does diana ross smoke cigarettes?

Yes, but i think she's quit.

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Does dolly parton smoke cigarettes?

  • Against all odds, it seems that the cigarette is being an old-fashioned complement. Dolly Parton has usually been surrounded by controversy over whether he smokes or not, but he has in no way made statements, so nothing has been confirmed.

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Does dr phil smoke cigarettes?

Yes from all the stress he goes thruogh

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Does eric mabius smoke cigarettes?


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Does grayson mccouch smoke cigarettes?

Yes, he smokes Virginia Slims.

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