Does indian reservations in oneida ny sell name brands cigarettes?

Cynthia Greenfelder asked a question: Does indian reservations in oneida ny sell name brands cigarettes?
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  • Under federal law, the Oneida have been able to sell cigarettes, both name-brand and Oneida manufactured, to Indians on their reservation free of state excise taxes.

The Oneida nation said it will sell only its own brands… The Oneida sell cigarettes in their SavOn convenience store chain and at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. In 2009, the last year for which figures were available from the state tax department, the tribe sold about 1.6 million cartons.

Can You Buy Indian Reservation cigarettes in New York?

  • There are ways around this though since you can buy Indian reservation cigarettes because of the sovereignty given to Native Americans within the United States. This gives you the ability to buy cigarettes from Native Americans, the most popular of which is New York Indian cigarettes.


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