Does drew barrymore smoke cigarettes?

Kurtis Deckow asked a question: Does drew barrymore smoke cigarettes?
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  • What kind of cigarettes does drew barrymore smoke? According to the biography Strange Fascination, he smoked both Gitane and Marlboro cigarettes. Drew Barrymore of the famous Barrymore family smokes Marlboro Reds, about 2-3 packs a day.


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  • Java Latte Corona - Java Latte Corona cigars. Java Claro cigars have the same sweet mocha java flavor and aroma found in the original 'Java by Drew Estate' series with a much lighter Connecticut Shade wrapper.

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  • This cigar is a budget-friendly, full-bodied, stout cigar made of Kentucky fire-cured tobacco. Drew Estates broadened their cigar offerings when they introduced this line of fire-cured cigars. The Fat Molly is slightly sweet with bacon, bourbon notes. It also features hickory notes that’s used to cure the tobacco.

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