Do they sell cigarettes on norwegian cruise ships?

Cristal Willms asked a question: Do they sell cigarettes on norwegian cruise ships?
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  • Norwegian Cruise Line offers extensive smoking guidelines on its website, banning it from all public spaces, except cigar lounges -- like Humidor, found on the line's newest ships -- and casinos. (On the newest vessels, it's limited to specific casino areas only.) Cigar and pipe smoking are not allowed in the casino.


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🚬 Do they sell tobacco on cruise ships?

Can you smoke on a cruise ship?

  • If you buy tobacco products you can smoke them on the ship (or off) as long as you are in the smoking areas. Only Alcohol is held until the end of the cruise as the cruise lines sell it onboard (per drink that is) at a much higher rate than usual and that’s one reason cruise prices are still so low.

🚬 Can you buy cigarettes on norwegian cruise ships?

Your ship will have a duty-free shop where you can buy all sorts of goodies like alcohol and cigarettes or perfume and expensive watches. That's just the start. When you hit the port, you're going to see more duty-free shopping.

🚬 Do they sell cigarettes on carnival cruise?

Carnival Cruises offer duty-free alcohol and tobacco throughout many of their on-board shops.

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Can you smoke on saga cruise ships?

As a smoker and one of life's social pariahs, I normally have to take a walk to the pool deck to smoke which can be a bit of a pain, most cruise lines, except for the super exclusive 6 star brands, only allow smoking in certain designated locations; with Saga you are permitted to smoke on your balcony.

Which cruise ships have cigars on them?
  • Royal Caribbean offers the Connoisseur Club on the Freedom of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, and Liberty of the Seas for their cigar-smoking guests. Norwegian Cruise Lines provides its guest on the Bliss, Joy, Escape, Getaway, and Epic ships with a Humidor room to enjoy their cigars. You can purchase cigars in the lounge.
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Originally Answered: Why is it illegal to sell loose cigarettes? Because the packs are created by the manufacturer for sale as a unit, and they are taxed as such. Also, it is an age restrictive product. The “crime” is petty and only pursued when cops are looking for a reason to detain and search you.

Are there smoking areas on disney cruise ships?
  • Smoking is not permitted in most areas of the Disney ship. You can use a Vape Pen on a Disney cruise but it is treated exactly the same way as cigarette smoking. Each of the ships has its own special areas where smoking is permitted.
What is the smoking age on cruise ships?
  • Cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco must be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess or use tobacco onboard. Additionally, there is a non-smoking policy on all components of the land tour portion of all Celebrity Cruises Cruisetour products.
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Some bars at the Atlanta airport also sell cigars or cigarettes and allow smoking, including the Terrapin Tap House Cigar & Smoke Lounge on Concourse D, and TAP and Gordon Biersch on Concourse A. Duty free shops and airport newsstands also cell cigarettes… Smoking is generally permitted in outside areas.

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Where are the Big Lots in Waco TX?

  • You can visit the Big Lots in Waco (#4608), located in the shopping center near the intersection of W. Waco Dr. and Lake Air Dr., or shop online at and pick up your order at the West Waco Dr. location in Waco.
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