Irrigation Systems

-Santana P. R., G. R. Juan, B. P. Gonzalez. Principal irrigation exploitation parameters of the central pivot Fregat in the tobacco Virginia

. Hydraulic Engineering Vol.18 (3): 7-13, Havana, Cuba 1996-1997

With the employ of two computer programs, the principal parameters of irrigation exploitation in the central pivot type Fregat, on sands soil in the conditions of tobacco enterprise “Sandino” in the Pinar del Rio province was studied. The partial irrigation water requirement oscillated for the different crop phases, with values from 111 to 246 m3/ha, with an irrigation frequency from 8 to 11 days. The irrigation time varied from 5.5 to 14.1 hours/day, depending of irrigation regime and the machine characteristics. The discharge was in function of the machine model and varied from 53 l/s for 11 towers to 70 l/s for 16 towers. The diesel indices consume was from 26 to 29 l/ha, the average exploitation cost have a value of 189 $/ha.


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