Irrigation Systems

-Santana R., Juan G. R. Agro technical and operative parameters of sprinkler irrigation“Rocio”.

Agroindustrial Crops, Havana Cuba, Vol. 1 (2-3): 53-63 (1991). /. / Coresta, Bulletin D´Information, Paris France.Vol.2 Nº 8224, 1993/.

During 1985-1988 period, agro technical and operative evaluations of sprinkler irrigation system “Rocio” were done in the dark tobacco variety Criollo in the Pablo Padron and Granma Farms, in Pinar del Rio Province. The uniformity distribution of rain varies from 86 to 89 % for wind speed until 1, 7 m/s; the application intensity of rain varies from 7, 4 to 8.5 mm/hour. The operative coefficients for technological and technical safety and by use of productive time are 0, 95; 0, 97 and 0, 85 respectively. The productivity for a partial water requirement of 274 m3/ha, for the net irrigation time was 0, 09 ha/ hour and 0, 08 ha/hour for productive time.

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