Tobacco Irrigation


The objective of this page Web is to compile all technical scientific information, developed by a group of researchers and technicians, who dedicated great part of their life to make investigations in the irrigation of the tobacco, for: to study the irrigation technologies that more good adapt to the plantations and tobacco nurseries, to determine the water requirements of the economic varieties of tobacco and to regionalization the same ones, to establish the bioclimatic coefficients of evapotranspiration to forecast the irrigation, to study the function water harvesting, to determine the physical chemical and organoléptical properties of the tobacco in the conditions of irrigated soil, to make an efficient management of the water irrigation with the purpose of saving water and of reducing the energy consumption, to improve the yield and quality of the harvest, to establish the correlation of the evapotranspiration with the climatic factors, to reach a better operation of hydraulic works, irrigation systems, equipment of pumping, surface and underground sources of supply, to obtain a greater economic effectiveness in the irrigated land, to publish and to divulge the reached profits, to introduce of systematic form the results of the investigations and the technological development in the production areas, to give advanced training courses. "A deficient irrigation reduce the agricultural yields, an excessive irrigation decrease the yield and quality of the production, an appropriate management of the irrigation water improves the yield and quality of the harvest "

I have dedicated a part of the page Web, to the problem of the water in Spain, expressing my opinion on different aspects related to the water and the irrigation, there are some difficulties and is necessary to solve them of the form more adequate, for: to obtain more efficient and economic hydric solutions in each case, to reach a better management in the administration of the water, to obtain an efficient use of: the surface and underground sources of supply, hydraulic works, irrigation systems and the human and financial resources, as well as to increase infrastructures of the investigations related to: the water, the irrigation, the contamination of waters, the use of wastewaters, the fight against the floods, the saving of energy.

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