Doctor in Irrigation and Drainage.
Principal Researcher.
Engineer in Irrigation and Drainage.
Agricultural Engineer.
Professor Agroeconomic Studies .
Curriculum Vitae

Juan has been the National Head of the Investigations of Tobacco Irrigation in Cuba during 20 years. He has worked nationally more than 30 years, in the problematic one of the water in different directions: economic evaluation of hydraulic works and the systems of irrigation and drainage, operation of the irrigation systems and the surface and underground sources supply, to offer technical assistance of the irrigation in several countries, the saving of energy in the irrigation, to forecast the irrigation in the economic cultures, to plan the hydric demand, to lead research programs, to introduce the results of science and the new technologies in the production conditions , to offer technical scientific services, to control the investigation plans of science and the technique.

Scientific secretary. Expert of irrigation, Member of the scientific advice in several institutions: Irrigation, Tobacco, Faculty of Irrigation and Drainage. To give: teaching, conferences and courses of masters. To take part in University Courts of: Defence Diploma Thesis and Doctorates. To write works: journalistic, scientists and technicians. Member of the editorial committee of several scientific technical magazines. To take part of National Commissions of: Irrigation and Drainage, Tobacco, Extensions. To participate in the ecological food production in urban conditions.





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